Daniela Martins

Assistant Integrated Researcher

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International and European Law


Daniela Martins is a PhD candidate in International and European Legal Sciences at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon. Graduated in Law (2017) and Master in International Legal Sciences (2020) at the same Institution, she received the Award for best Master's student in Legal Science in the 2019/2020 academic year. Her master's thesis was published in 2021 by Almedina with the title “A Ameaça à Integridade Territorial dos Estados”. She collaborates as a Research Assistant to Professor Patrícia Galvão Teles (member of the United Nations International Law Commission). The object of study within the scope of the PhD relates to the analysis of geographic changes resulting from rising sea levels that affect coastal and maritime formations and their implications for maritime delimitation. Her research interests focus on the areas of Public International Law and European Law.


International and European Law
Year: 2021
LPL Authors: Daniela Martins

A ameaça à integridade territorial dos Estados - o fenómeno dos Estados em desaparecimento em face do aumento do nível do mar


International and European Law
Project Status: Ongoing
Necessity, possibilities and dificulties in the creation of a regional human rights system in Asia
International and European Law
Project Status: Ongoing
Em preparação para a subida do nível do mar: lidando com as alterações climáticas, reestruturando o território dos Estados e procurando mecanismos para a resolução de conflitos


International and European Law

LEL Research Seminar

6 March 2024

Climate change and trade: assessing CBAM as a legal response within international trade law
International and European Law

LEL Research Seminar

27 February 2024

Climate Change, Russia, and the Arctic Council
Lisbon Public Law Research Centre

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