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Theory and Philosophy of Law

Summer School of Logic and Law

3 June 2024
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Project to which it belongs: Lisbon Legal Theroy

Event Description

This course aims at drawing relevant and practical conclusions from the relation-ship between logic and law.

Legal practice is fundamentally an argumentative practice. Many legal arguments are in fact logical arguments based on legal premises.

In this sense, it is essential to assess the role and, also, the limits of logical argu-mentation in legal practice. The aim of this course is to connect basic knowledge of logic with fundamental questions of legal practice. What role does logic play in analogical reasoning or a contrario reasoning? What main logical fallacies exist and how should they be avoided? What are the contributions and limits of logic in the process of solving normative conflicts and balancing? How does logic contrib-ute to the proper justification of judicial decisions? What does logic teach us in evaluating the evidence presented in a particular case?

These are some of the questions we shall answer in the sessions of this course.

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