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Theory and Philosophy of Law

The Silence of Law

8 May 2024
Open to the public
Organizers: Gonçalo Fabião
Speaker: Pablo Navarro
Project to which it belongs: Lisbon Digital Rights and Freedoms

Event Description

The next session of Lisbon Legal Theory Reading Group dedicated to Eugenio Bulygin's book Essays in Legal Philosophy will take place on 8 April at 19:00 in the "Instituto 3" room. The paper to be discussed will be The Silence of Law, published in 2002. The paper will be presented by Pablo Navarro. From September to July, the Lisbon Legal Theory Reading Group will focus on papers from Bulygin's book Essays in Legal Philosophy. Each month will be dedicated to the discussion of a paper by Eugenio Bulygin, sometimes co-authored with Carlos E. Alchourrón, on key issues in legal theory and legal philosophy. The sessions will take place in the CARL2 room at 19:00 in Portugal. The languages adopted for the reading group will be Portuguese and English.
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