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A Treatise on Environmental Law, Vol. III

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A Treatise on Environmental Law, Volume III _ Environmental Law and other legal fields
External Editor(s):
Madalena Perestrelo de Oliveira
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Legal Roadmap for Sustainability
Research Areas:
Environmental Law
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A Treatise on Environmental Law, Volume III _ Environmental Law and other legal fields. Carla Amado Gomes, Heloísa Oliveira e Madalena Perestrelo de Oliveira, editors. Lisbon Public Law Editions. 2024
Research Group(s):
International and European Law
Publishing company: Lisbon Public Law Editions
Ano: 2024


With its third volume, the Treatise on Environmental Law/Tratado de Direito do Ambiente is now complete.

Volumes I and II, written in Portuguese considering the intended audience and impact, addressed transversal questions of Environmental Law in general (vol. I) and sectorial frameworks (vol. II). But we also wanted to evidence the crosscutting, international nature of Environmental Law and to test its miscegenation with other legal fields – from public to private law. Madalena Perestrelo de Oliveira then joined our team of editors with the purpose of meeting this inspiring challenge.

Volume III was a hard one to build, owing to its novelty and diversity. The intersections between Environmental Law and other legal fields are not usually analysed in depth by legal scholarship due to the need to cross themes with very different characteristics. In fact, it takes a particular expertise to intertwine subjects like public procurement or international investment and environment, highlighting the solutions that environmental protection demands on specific domains. Even when the connection is more obvious, for natural reasons — like in what concerns fisheries, a vulnerable natural component —, or for practical ones — which is the case of human and fundamental rights, through which environmental protection can be indirectly accomplished —, the complexity is considerable. With this Volume, we aim to bring a new lens on the analysis of how environmental issues colour a wide range of legal domains.

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