Administrative Law

Tratado de Direito do Ambiente, Vol. I (2ª edição)

Within the scope of the Project:
Legal Roadmap for Sustainability
Research Areas:
International and European Law, Environmental Law, Administrative Law
Bibliographic reference:
Amado Gomes C, Oliveira H (eds). Tratado de Direito do Ambiente. Vol. I. Lisbon Public Law Editions. 2nd Edition. 2022.
Research Group(s):
Administrative Law, International and European Law
Publishing company: Lisbon Public Law Editions
Ano: 2022


In addition to being a working basis for the legal professions, this work is also a contribution from legal research to environmental policy.

Today's international motto is Restore our Earth and this initiative by the Public Law Research Center and the Institute of Legal-Political Sciences joins the voices of the world who take on the defense of the planet not as a one-day task, but as a continuous and daily movement.

The centrality of environmental issues calls upon Law as a fundamental instrument for fulfilling all international obligations within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals and, in terms of European Union Law, the European Ecological Pact.

This first volume concentrates reflection on the definition of the object, evolution and principles of Environmental Law, and on the exercise of environmental citizenship, while systematizing the legal instruments available according to their different purposes. In the future, Volume II will include the study of sectoral regimes and Volume III the articulation between Environmental Law and other areas of Law and scientific knowledge.

The maturity and complexity of Environmental Law today call for growing and consistent scientific production, the knowledge of which proves to be decisive for jurists working within the framework of sustainable development. The challenge is to build a legal system that responds not only to inherited dilemmas, but also ensures true environmental citizenship.

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