International and European Law

Cities in the Age of Climate Change

External Author(s):
Armando Rocha, Matteo Fermeglia, Gabriel Wedy, Carlos Ribeiro
Within the scope of the Project:
Climate Litigation Observatory
Research Areas:
Environmental Law
Bibliographic reference:
Amado Gomes C, Oliveira H (eds). Cities in the Age of Climate Change. Lisbon Public Law Editions. 2023.
Research Group(s):
International and European Law
Publishing company: Lisbon Public Law Editions
Ano: 2023


The theme of cities as entities mobilized to combat climate change surged with particular impact following Donald Trump’s announcement to abandon the Paris Agreement shortly after his election as US President in November 2016. However, the issue was not unknown to either literature or international law.

We thought that a collective legal work connecting cities andclimate change was in order. This book is divided into three parts. The first part is dedicated to the role of cities in climate governance, starting with a broad perspective and zooming in on the Belgium example. The second part is focused on the inescapable phenomenon of climate litigation, where cities also play a relevant part. The third part presents a personal testimony on the experience of a Portuguese city.

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