Theory and Philosophy of Law

A propósito dos 60 anos d’O Conceito de Direito de Hart

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José Sousa e Brito, David Duarte
Research Areas:
Theory and Philosophy of Law
Bibliographic reference:
Fabião G, Sara A, editors. A propósito dos 60 anos d’O Conceito de Direito de Hart. Lisboa: Lisbon Public Law Editions. 2023
Research Group(s):
Theory and Philosophy of Law
Publishing company: Lisbon Public Law Editions
Ano: 2023


The work of H. L. A. Hart is essential in learning and deepening legal science. The Concept of Law, published in 1961, is Hart's main publication and one of the best-known works on legal theory in the world. As it is widely disseminated, discussed and described, direct contact with the work is often replaced by reviews and critical analyzes contained in scientific articles or more generic manuals. This phenomenon encourages the attribution to Hart of arguments, analyzes or theses that do not fully correspond to the arguments, analyzes or theses that the Author supports.

Thus, with the purpose of entering into a direct dialogue with Hart, combined with a desire for clarity and demystification of the Author's theses, Lisbon Legal Theory and Lisbon Public Law supported the organizers of this publication in holding the conference “A propos dos 60 anos of Hart's Concept of Law”. Under the theme of celebrating the sixtieth anniversary of the publication of Hart's seminal work, this Author's thoughts were described and criticized, reaffirming Hart's importance in Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence and in legal theory in general.

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