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Lisbon Digital Rights and Freedoms

Responsible Researchers:
Domingos Farinho
Ricardo Resende Campos
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Lisbon Digital Rights and Freedoms aims to be an international research group integrated into CIDP.
To this extent, it presents itself as a research project intended to mark and ensure the scientific production of the group's launch, within a three-year time frame. The aim is to bring together a group of national researchers, integrated into the Center and external, and international around all legal issues existing at the intersection between fundamental rights and digital media, with emphasis on three structuring areas:
i) conditions for exercising fundamental rights in digital media;
ii) conflicts of fundamental rights in the digital environment and
iii) interpretative challenges posed by normative statements referring to fundamental rights in a digital context.


The project has a single main objective and two secondary objectives.
The main objective is to ensure scientific production of relevant quality to establish Lisbon Digital Rights and Freedoms as a reference research group in the area of fundamental rights in digital media and the dissemination of legal science in this field. As secondary objectives, firstly, the publication of a diagnostic work on the main legal issues posed by digital media to fundamental rights, in accordance with the pillars indicated above. Secondly, refer to critical scientific dissemination around the issues diagnosed, through conferences and workshops.
The two secondary objectives contribute to the implementation of Lisbon Digital Rights and Freedoms.


The project has a high scientific relevance as it aims to carry out a critical diagnosis of the treatment of fundamental rights in digital media in a comprehensive way, thus allowing an overview of the area formed by the intersection of fundamental rights and digital media. This is a core area of Public Law, which appears here contextualised and delimited by the questions that are empirically posed by digital media and technologies.


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