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Advancing Cooperation on the Foundations of Law (ALF) GA nº 101079177

European CommissionHORIZON-WIDERA-2021-ACCESS-03-01 - Twinning
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There are significant disparities between EU and non-EU higher education institutions in terms of administrative and institutional capacity to successfully carry out the main task of legal education and research. Individual efforts and academic achievements of scholars from this part of Europe are usually not accompanied by the appropriate administrative and institutional structures. This situation makes it difficult for these institutions and their staff fully develop their capabilities in both academic research and legal education. ALF aims to help the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade - BGL (a Widening country institution) to become a widely known and sought after top-class European research institution, by raising its academic research profile and by strengthening its research management and administrative capabilities. To this end, ALF will provide a thorough and comprehensive three-year transfer of academic and administrative foundational knowledge from three leading institutions at EU level: The University of Genoa, the University of Surrey, and the Instituto de Ciencias Juridico Politicas da Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Lisbon.


ALF fulfils five objectives of the Horizon Twinning Action: (a) it enhances the excellence capacities and resources of the BGL, thus closing the still evident research and innovation gap within Europe; (b) it enhances networking activities between the BGL and top-leading EU institutions; (c) it helps the BGL to engage in key research areas and joint activities, thus raising the research profile and attractiveness of the BGL and its staff; (d) it strengthens the BGL's research management and administrative capacity through the transfer of administrative knowledge, establishment of a specialised project office and a specialised research centre; (e) it improves creativity, mobility and scientific excellence through a novel joint research project on "Practically orientated legal fundamentals".


There are significant differences between universities in the EU and higher education institutions in non-EU countries in terms of the administrative and institutional capacities that condition the successful fulfilment of the main tasks of legal research and education. Individual efforts and achievements of scholars from non-EU countries are, by rule, not accompanied by matching administrative and institutional structures. The practice of European universities is to gather individual researchers in stable organizational forms that allow for a fruitful exchange of ideas within a field of study. This enables cooperation between researchers, enhances scientific output backed by strong administrative units capable of supporting the scientific staff and applying for funds necessary for caring out projects and realizing research plans.


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