Book Launch "Cities in the Age of Climate Change"

Today, on World Cities Day, the Lisbon Public Law Research Centre is very pleased to announce the launch of the book "Cities in the Age of Climate Change", with articles proceeding from the conference under the same topic held on the 30th of November, 2022. World Cities Day offers a platform to foster global engagement in the context of urbanization, encouraging countries to collaborate in tackling the urbanization challenges and actively participating in the advancement of sustainable urban development on a global scale. The book "Cities in the Age of Climate Change" culminates extensive research and contributions from leading scholars, addressing the intricate challenges climate change poses within urban environments. We are excited to make this valuable resource accessible to the academic community and beyond. Edited by Carla Amado Gomes and Heloísa Oliveira, the work comprises papers by Armando Rocha, Matteo Fermeglia, Heloísa Oliveira, Gabriel Wedy, Margarida Vidal Sampaio, as well as a testimony from Carlos Ribeiro. We believe that "Cities in the Age of Climate Change" will be a valuable addition to the academic discourse on this pressing global issue.
Lisbon Public Law Research Centre

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