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CONFERENCE OCTOBER 3, 2024 LISBON (1080 x 1350 px)
27 March 2024
Call for Abstracts | Asian and African Perspectives on Law and Sea-Level Rise
24 December 2023
Heloísa Oliveira discusses the lack of legal protection for the soil
20 December 2023
Heloísa Oliveira discusses the growth of climate litigation
5 December 2023
Heloísa Oliveira comments on "Corporate environmental (ir)responsibility: on the subject of greenwashing"
Título (1)
2 November 2023
Seminário de Orientação em Direito do Ambiente
Notícias (2)
31 October 2023
Book Launch "Cities in the Age of Climate Change"
EELF 2023 European Environmental Law Forum Conference 2023 ENVIRONMENTAL LAW IN TRANSFORMATION LEGAL IMPLEMENTATION AND IMPACTS OF THE EUROPEAN GREEN DEAL 30 August 1 September 2023 Leipzig 1
26 September 2023
LPL researcher participates in international conference in Germany
11 August 2023
LPL researchers participate in international conference in Finland
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